F E L L A was created by Chauncey H. Robinson in Chicago. Candles serve a purpose of cluing people into the present moment. Scents/smells also have a way of triggering nostalgia, they set a tone that captures a specific moment in time that people can grasp as memorable. 

Like cleaning out a house, lighting a candle at the end of the day was a positive and rewarding experience, it reminded Chauncey of the present moment - emotional relief and self love/pampering.    

The purpose of this candle line was to create woodsy/unisex smells and package them so that they cater to a neglected candle buying market (ahem.. the gentleman) while also tapping into the market in an authentic way.                        

Tagline:“Relaxed style, relaxed life” Fella’s tagline was also created around this concept of mental health, state of emotions and experiences and Chauncey’s mantra of positivity in life and in products that promote positive messaging.

Behind the name:“F E L L A” While this is very much a gentleman inspired candle line, we choose a name that could lend to a broader buying audience. The packaging and naming was carefully considered to not exclude the female buyers who could relate to the smells/products/aesthetic and concept of the company. The product will make a beautiful addition to any home.